**I offer new clients half-off the regular rates on their first project! ($450 minimum)

The pricing we use for video production is fairly simple.  You have the option of one of two possible fee structures.  We can charge by a “SIMPLE HOURLY RATE” or by “PER FINISHED MINUTE” or PFM fee structures.

For a current list of rates, please click here:  Current LSV Rate Sheet PDF

Things to remember:

  • New services are being rolled out all of the time, so check back for updates!

  • These rates are not set in stone and are negotiable, especially on a large project.

  • Some projects are more complicated than others to produce and will require more of our time and resources to be invested to complete the project.  We reserve the right to increase the price when the complexity increases , but we also are willing to give a discount on a large projects that you might bring to us.  Nevertheless, we will be up front with you on our pricing, and a budget will be established that we both agree on before shooting begins and you incur any charges.